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We took a 6 hour ferry ride across the English Channel to France. Our ferry was actually more like a cruise ship and on a clear day such as we had it was lovely to spend time sunning on the deck.





We overnighted in a very small sleepy town called Roscoff before catching our train to Paris the next morning.

Paris is everything we hoped for and we fell in love with it instantly. It is a beautiful, ornate city. Every inch of it seems to be covered with some sort of decorative carving or potted flowers.





And the food and cafe's were brilliant! Parisiennes really do know how to relax and enjoy a nice meal with some quality vino on a summer's eve. For the amount of pubs we discovered in England, there were double the cafe's in Paris.

Needless to say, Paris is an enormous city and we spent every second we could out walking to soak up as many sights as we could.






Two sights that you just can't miss seeing in Paris are the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. We hit the Louvre first and must admit that aside from all the art in it, it was one of the most beautiful buildings we have ever been in. You really need at least a month just to see all the art exhibits there.







After spending a few hours in the Louvre, we headed over to see the other thing that you must see when in Paris...the Eiffel Tower. I must admit that like our experience with the Panama Canal, it was so much more impressive than we anticipated.


And the view from the top was well worth braving the throngs of other tourists...it was really cool.




Two other things that are note worthy about Paris is that half the population cruises around on scooters like madmen and everywhere you look are entire blocks of scooters parked.


And the traffic! It was reminiscent of Delhi...


We absolutely loved Paris and hope to come back to see more sooner rather than later.



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We headed west to a small town called Falmouth in the Cornwall area of the UK. It's a very pretty seaside town with surfing and fishing at its heart and a mellow vibe.




As it seems with much of the UK, a favorite way to pass time in Falmouth is sitting on patios, catching rays and drinking beer. We met a great guy named Roy on one of these patios. He was drowning his sorrows over a lost love and was happy to share his tales with us.


The whole town is built on very steep hills that drop to the sea and so there are stairs everywhere. One of the most impressive staircases in town was a very long steep set called Jacob's Ladder. They were ancient stone stairs that descended roughly 60 feet and should be navigated very carefully (especially after an afternoon spent drinking beer with Roy).


Our lovely hostesses took us to another town called St.Ives. This is one of the most picturesque places I have ever seen and I was a little envious of the folks who enjoy living there.



That said, we loved our time in Falmouth and were sad to move on.


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It's been 12 months since our return from our last long journey and we felt it was time to go out into the world again. However, this time we were going to take an easier route and decided to head to Europe. We have 3 weeks to kick around France, Spain and Portugal but our first stop was London. As most know, London is big and busy and has a very lively feel to it. It is filled with lovely gardens and the obvious famous sights.










For us, aside from seeing the main attractions the best part was the pub culture. You can't throw a rock without hitting a pub in this city. We now know where the term 'pub crawl' must have come from. We reasoned that it must be from London where you can drink and be merry in the pubs and as the evening wears on, the pubs are close enough to crawl between....




London is a fun city to hang out in. There is lots to see and do and it made a great first stop on our EU adventure.


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Homeward Bound

We made our way to Chennai and checked into the guesthouse that we had booked. Our room was heinous with an overall smell of mothballs (for some reason, Indians put mothballs in all their sinks) and the kind of dirt that you can only marvel at.

However, the 'piece de la resistance' was the bathroom. The toilet in the bathroom was so dirty that we both recoiled in horror at the prospect of using it. The water tank was also leaking and so the bathroom floor was covered in water.....nice.


We've been travelling for 8 months now and while in Arambol, we found ourselves spending a lot of time lamenting about the things we missed at home. This very bathroom is the straw that broke the camels back as they say and we both agreed that it is time for us to head back to our beautiful Vancouver.

We're going to catch a flight out of Chennai and will be back in Canada very soon! We're a little sad to miss out on Southeast Asia on this trip but definitely feel that if our hearts aren't in it, then there is no point in going.

We'll be in touch once we get home and are looking forward to seeing our friends and family.

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Although interesting, traveling through the cities of Northern India was exhausting. We were in desperate need of some down time to collect ourselves for the rest of the journey through India.

We’ve headed to Southern India and had a half day layover in Mumbai on our way down. The city seemed quite strange to us after traveling in Northern India as it has mostly colonial buildings instead of the ancient temples and crumbling structures of the North. Looking around, you'd almost forget that you’re in India. Although our visit was brief, we enjoyed the city immensely.




We’ve made our way to Goa and have spent the last few days chillin’ on one of Goa’s most Northern beaches called Arambol.

Arambol was just what we needed. It’s a big stretch of pretty beach that is relatively quiet with just a few good (and cheap) restaurants to eat, drink and be merry at.




We rented a scooter for a day and cruised down to investigate other beaches further South of us.


One of these beaches was Vagator which used to be huge for raves with masses of Europeans and Israelis coming to enjoy a good music and beach scene. Nowadays, the scene mostly consists of Indian men getting wasted (quite taboo in their culture) and cruising the beach. We were very happy to return to our lovely sanctuary of Arambol!

We’re feeling more relaxed and collected after a few days of down time and are ready to head East. We’ve booked a cheap flight and are heading to Chennai to check out a little bit of Tamil Nadu.

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